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N10 M6 T1 G43 H1 M3
N15 S500 F120
N20 G0 X0 Y0              (P1)
N25 G1 Y20                (P2)
N30 G3 X-15 Y35 I-15 J0   (P3)
N35 G2 X-45 Y35 I-15 J0   (P4)
N40 G3 X-60 Y20 I0 J-15   (P5)
N45 G1 Y0                 (P6)   
N50 G1 X0                 (P1) 
N55 M30
G0Rapid traverse
G1Linear interpolation
G2Circular interpolation CW
G3Circular interpolation CCW
G43Tool length compensation + direction
M3Spindle start forward CW
M6Tool change
M30End of program (Reset)
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