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  1. View the CNC machine “live” at a distributor, machine tool builder, open house or even a reputable customer.
  2. Look at the fit and finish of the sheet metal, review the casting, and listen to the machine cutting parts.
  3. Open the electrical cabinet and view the routing and layout of the electrical wiring. Look for details such as proper cabinet filtering, sealing and a heat exchanger.
  4. Ask to see the inspection report.
  5. Request a CNC control demonstration – have your manufacturing engineer or set-up engineer present to ask pertinent questions and evaluate user-friendliness.
  6. Ask what components are factory items and which are purchased. What key components are made by the builder? Are the purchased components sourced from a well-known supplier?
  7. What sets this builder apart from the others?
  8. Ask about thermal compensation and FEM design.
  9. Has the builder received design awards? Do they have registered patents and unique designs for processes or features?
  10. Does the builder perform hand scraping?
  11. What is the weight of the machine and what is the calculated “price per pound?”
  12. How strong is the support after the sale?

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