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I'm a Diploma Final Year student who is studying Manufacturing Engineering, my lecturer had assigned me a final year project entitled Design ad Development of Magazine Loader Bullet. My lecturer had told me to fabricate it with lathe machining process but I just couldn't imagine using  lathe machining to fabricate it. Really appreciate if anyone here can help me out with this :'(


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Live tooling on the turret would help.
I think he meant make the bullets on the cnc lathe than profile the shape of the magazine on the cnc mill make a male and Female that goes together and the profile the shape into the piece for the bullets and magazine to sit into
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I dont know of a single shop where if you were a project manager and insisted on making that in a lathe you would wouldn't be fired. Waste of time, lathe dosen't have natural work holding so you would have to make one, lathe would need live tooling and long reach Y access ability. If you tied up a lathe with the capability to do this you'd be losing on all the jobs you'd  miss while you messed around.

First line on your project should say "your fired" then explane the reasones why it shouldn't be done on a lathe, and finally do it for a mill.

In the real world a machinist would assume it was a wrong checked box to use a lathe and would have made it on an available mill.
As mentioned, you could but why use a lathe?
Sounds like your tutor just wants to see how versatile you are.
If pushed, I would clamp to a face plate on the spindle and use a trepanning tool to machine the groove.
The wrong way to do the job, but could get you points for imagination.