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A CNC lathe machine is normally used to perform / produce precise round shapes with both an Outer Diameter (OD), and an Inner Diameter (ID). Practically all kinds of structures could be machined with this machine tool, depending on their needs in different industries.

CNC Lathes are commonly used in industries such as oil & gas, automotive, aerospace, medical, electronics, mining, power plant, steel & paper mills, and ship building, just to name a few.

Modern CNC Lathes normally come with life tools that could work in multiple axis. For example, they could include both X and Y-axis, incorporate a second turret with different tools, or include a sub- / second spindle. These features help to be more effective and flexible for different milling, drilling and tapping operations.

The result is a complete and even complex part manufacturing process, eliminating the need to transfer the part to another machine for a second operation e.g. to a CNC milling machine or CNC machining centre.


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