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Technical Drawing

CNC Program

Main Program

(Cutting Diameter = 10mm.)
N05 G55
N10 M6 T4 H4 G43 M3
N15 S1500 F120
N20 G0 X9 Y9 Z1
N25 G1 Z0
N30 M98 P030050
N35 G0 Z1 G90
N40 X42 Y38
N45 G1 Z-2 F30
N50 X47 F300
N55 G3 X47 Y38 I-5 J0
N60 G0 Z100
N65 G49
N70 M30


N05 G1 Z-2 G91 F50
N10 X10 F100
N15 Y36
N20 X-10
N25 Y-36
N30 M99

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