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Technical Drawing

CNC Program

Main Program

N10 T3 H3 M6 G43 M3
N20 F250 S450
N30 G0 X-21 Y50 Z0.5
N40 G0 Z0
N50 M98 P040100
N60 G49
N70 G0 Z50
N80 M30


N10 F180 S500
N20 G0 Z-2.5 G91
N30 G1 G90 X5 Y50 G41 (P1)
N40 G2 X22 Y85.23 I45 J0 (P2)
N50 G3 X78 Y85.23 R45 (P3)
N60 G2 X78 Y14.77 R45 (P4)
N70 G3 X22 Y14.77 R45 (P5)
N80 G2 X5 Y50 R45 (P1)
N90 G0 G40 X-21
N100 M99

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