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Technical Drawing

CNC Milling G41 Code Tool Offset Example

CNC Program

N1 T1 ; Tool 1 with offset D1

N5 G0 G17 G90 X5 Y55 Z50 ; Approach starting point

N6 G1 Z0 F200 S80 M3

N10 G41 G450 X30 Y60 F400 ; Compensation to the left of the contour, transition circle

N20 X40 Y80

N30 G2 X65 Y55 I0 J-25

N40 G1 X95

N50 G2 X110 Y70 I15 J0

N60 G1 X105 Y45

N70 X110 Y35

N80 X90

N90 X65 Y15

N100 X40 Y40

N110 X30 Y60

N120 G40 X5 Y60 ; Terminate compensation mode

N130 G0 Z50 M2

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