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Technical Drawing

Profile definition with tool radius compensation (G40/G41/G42)

CNC Program

N5 T2 D2

N10 G0 G90 G42 X0 Y0 Z5 S1000 M3 M41

N20 G94 G1 Z-5 F150

N30 X10.858 F200 ; Start machining the profile.

N40 G2 X39.142 I14.142 J-5

N50 G1 X100

N60 Y50

N70 X90 Y42

N80 X80 Y50

N90 Y20

N100 X55

N110 X38.672 Y56.172

N120 G3 X10 Y50 I-13.672 J-6.172

N130 G1 X10 Y20

N140 X0

N150 Y0 ; Finish machining the profile.

N160 G1 Z5

N170 G0 G40 X-30 Y-30 Z20 M30

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