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Technical Drawing

Stock removal cycle, transverse

CNC Program

( Diameter designation, metric input )
N010 G00 X220.0 Z190.0 ;
N011 G00 X162.0 Z132.0 ;
N012 G72 W7.0 R1.0 ;
N013 G72 P014 Q019 U4.0 W2.0 F0.3 ;
N014 G00 Z59.5 F0.15 S200;
N015 G01 X120.0 Z70.0 ;
N016 Z80.0 ;
N017 X80.0 Z90.0 ;
N018 Z110.0 ;
N019 X36.0 Z132.0 ;
N020 G70 P014 Q019 ;
N021 X220.0 Z190.0 ;
N022 M30 ;

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