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Technical Drawing

CNC Lathe | G94 and G95 Example | Changeover Feed Mode for Beginners

CNC Program

N10 G00 X10.Z5. ;
N15 G94 G01 Z0 F50. ;
N20 X20.Z-5.;
N25 Z-10. ;
N30 G95 G02 X30.Z-15.R5. F0.21 ;
N35 G01 Z-25. ;
N40 X55. ;
N45 G00 Z5. ;
The above example gives a changeover from feed / rev. to feed / min.
N15 G94 G01 Z0.F50. ;
The code G94 activates feed / min. mode and F50 refers to 50 mm/min.
N30 G95 G02 X30.Z-45.R5 F0.2 ;
The code G95 activates feed / rev. mode and F0.2 indicates 0.20 mm/rev.

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