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CNC means Computer Numerical Control and VMC means Verticle Machining Center. There is no difference between CNC and VMC , because VMC is a type of CNC . But here we see the difference between CNC Lathe and VMC /CNC Milling.

CNC Machine [Lathe]
VMC machine [Milling]
1)  Main application of CNC is turning .
1) Main application of VMC is milling.
2)There is two axis  X & Z
2) There is three axis .
3) Workpiece is rotate .
3) Tool is rotate .
4) Tool axis in CNC is X & Z .
4) But in VMC there is only one tool axis i.e. Z
5) In CNC we take geometrical offset of X & Z axis .
5) In VMC we take geometrical offset of only  Z axis .
6) Offset selection & tool position : T0606
Where, first 06 – tool no  , second 06 – offset no
6) Offset selection & tool position :  G43 H2 Z20
Where, G43- tool offset command , H2 – tool offset no , Z20 –tool position .
7) Tool rotation is not possible .
7) In VMC tool is rotate .
8) Tool hold in turret .
8) Tool hold in tool magazine .
9) During cutting tool feed support provide by turret
9) During cutting tool feed support provide by   spindle .
10) There is single work station due to no need of work coordinate .
10) There multiple work station is possible . So need of work coordinate G54 –G59
11) Workpiece hold in chuck .
11) Workpiece hold in vise or fixture 

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