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Siemens M Codes

M codes are sometimes known as auxiliary or miscellaneous functions.

Code Description

M00----------------------------------- Machine Stop

M01----------------------------------- Optional Stop (Must be activated to function)

M23-or-TAPMODE---------------- Tap/Drill ON

M25-or-TAPCANCEL------------- Tap/Drill OFF

M30----------------------------------- End of program with rewind to beginning

M36----------------------------------- Lower torch with counterbalance (MDA ONLY)

M37----------------------------------- Lower torch without counterbalance (MDA ONLY)

M40-or-MARKINGMODEON--- Marking pressure ON (modal)(3400 Heavy Only)

M41-or-FORMINGMODEON--- Forming pressure ON (modal)

M42-or-FORMINGMODEOFF-- Forming pressure OFF (modal)

M46----------------------------------- Punch lube ON (modal)

M47----------------------------------- Punch lube OFF (modal)

M54----------------------------------- Medium stripper height

M55----------------------------------- Normal stripper height

M56----------------------------------- Full up stripper height

M61----------------------------------- Light material acceleration rate

(up to 200 lbs. / 90 kgs.)

M62----------------------------------- Medium material acceleration rate

(201 lbs. to 660 lbs. / 90.1 kgs. to 300 kgs.)

M63----------------------------------- Heavy material acceleration rate

(661 lbs. to 1000 lbs. / 300.1 kgs. to 450 kgs.)

M73----------------------------------- Use steel dust collector (default on power up)

M74----------------------------------- Use aluminum dust collector

M75-or-PUNCHON---------------- Punch ON

M77----------------------------------- Bypass small parts detection (one time shot)

Must be followed my an M80 command

M80-or-PARTDOOR-------------- Drop door cycle

M85-or-PUNCHOFF-------------- Punch OFF

M87----------------------------------- Manual sheet load cycle

M94----------------------------------- Opens skeleton removal table (optional)

M95----------------------------------- Closes skeleton removal table (optional)

M97-or-CLAMPCONTROL------ Opens clamps without load pin or material stops

M170--------------------------------- PlatePARTNER™ auto load cycle (optional)

M270--------------------------------- PlatePARTNER™ unload cycle (optional)

Note: Any commands marked “MDA only” should not be used in standard programs.

They are for recovery or adjustment purposes only.

Tool Caddy Specific M Codes

Note: These commands are for use in MDA only. They should not be used in

programs and are for reference in case of tool change recovery or adjustment.

CAUTION: These commands will execute regardless of X axis position. Verify

alignment to allow the arm to go up and down safely to prevent machine damage.

M160--------------------------------- Lower Tool Caddy (MDA ONLY)

M161--------------------------------- Raise Tool Caddy (MDA ONLY)

M162--------------------------------- Open both grippers (MDA ONLY)

M163--------------------------------- Close both grippers (MDA ONLY)

M164--------------------------------- Rotate arm (MDA ONLY)

Part Handler II™ Specific M Codes

M101--------------------------------- Programmed magnets to low power

M102--------------------------------- Programmed magnets to medium power

M103--------------------------------- Programmed magnets to high power

M104--------------------------------- All magnets on at full strength

M105--------------------------------- De-magnetize all magnets

M106--------------------------------- Activates magnets at programmed strength

M110--------------------------------- Releases the squaring cylinder (MDA ONLY)

M111--------------------------------- Engages the squaring cylinder (MDA ONLY)

M112 H1=XX H2=XX H3=XX-- Magnet selections

Refer to Programming Manual for more detail

M113 H1=XX.XX H2=XX.XX H3=XX.XX Unload cycle pick and drop

Refer to Programming Manual for more detail

M114 H1=XX.XX H2=XX.XX H3=XX.XX Unload cycle pick and stack

Refer to Programming Manual for more detail

M171-or-RAWLOAD------------- Raw material load command

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